Please observe the following guidelines when preparing and supplying your print ready artwork:

We require artwork to be supplied as press ready pdf files in CMYK format with trim marks and bleed.
Files supplied output with ‘Press Quality’¬†settings are ideal.

Please check your pdf files with ‘Overprint Preview’ mode turned on prior to submitting them.

Files should be supplied in CMYK format (not RGB)
Where Pantone spot colours are used, please set these up in the relevant separations and check these are correct within your pdf before sending.
(in Adobe Acrobat: select ‘Advanced’ > ‘Print Production’ > ‘Output Preview’)

Trim Size:
All files should contain trim marks that indicate the correct finished size of the document.

3mm bleed is required on any artwork where ink runs over the trim marks and 5mm on booklets.

Safe Area:
No important information should be within 3mm inside the trim edge or within 5mm for booklets and 10mm for envelopes.

Where diecutting is required, please position your dieline over your artwork.
The dieline should be in a separate spot colour clearly labelled (eg. ‘Knife’ or ‘Dieline’) and set to ‘Overprint’*
- this setting can be accessed through the ‘Attributes’ menu in Illustrator or InDesign by ticking ‘Overprint Stroke’

Booklets should be supplied in single page format (not as spreads) and in correct page order.
5mm bleed is required on all edges but the spine.
No important information should be within 5mm inside the trim edge.

Where a rich black is required, please set your values to 40 C (Cyan), 100 K (Black).
Note: Objects set to 100% black overprint by default so should be checked carefully with ‘Overprint Preview’ mode turned on.
- eg. if a black box overlaps an image, there can be showthrough from the image beneath the black box.

White (paper colour) should never be set to overprint, as these will drop off artwork.
Checking your artwork is complete and correct with ‘Overprint Preview’ turned on is ideal.

Images should be at 300dpi when at 100%.

File Size:
Files with size no greater than 7MB per email can be emailed to mor@morprint.com.au
For any larger files, please upload these to our dropbox

Microsoft Office Files:
Artwork should not be created in Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Powerpoint format.
If this is your only option, please create a pdf file from your file on your system.
This will require work to convert to print ready format and may incur a small charge, depending on the complexity of the file.
Artwork supplied in Microsoft Office file formats will not be accepted.