A pdf or printed proof will be supplied to you for final checking and sign off. If any significant changes are made, you will be advised at the time of the proof.

If errors are noted after sign off, this will result in press down time, additional plates and proofs and thus additional charges.

Colour Matching

We understand corporate guidelines and colour requirements. When colour matching or matching other material is critical, please let us know and if possible, supply a printed sample or a Pantone colour to match.

When matching a particular colour is critical to the job, we recommend printing this colour as a separate pantone colour.

Press Check

For those jobs where you have a particular idea of the desired colour result, please contact us to arrange Press Check time.

Colour match information should be supplied at the time of artwork submission, and artwork should be set up with the correct CMYK / Pantone colour values. While final colour adjustments can be made on the press, the colour values must be correct and consistent within the artwork.